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About Us

Stella Pharmaceutical was established in Canada in 1961 and remains steadfast in its commitment to provide superior products that improve the quality of life and empower well-being.

Stella Pharmaceutical is a leading provider of uniquely formulated over-the-counter health products with a focus on nutrition, pain relief, baby care, and health & beauty aids.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on placing our customers first, and respond quickly to their changing needs. As awareness increases for preventive and proactive health care, we continue to develop products to improve our customers’ wellbeing and decrease the risk of debilitating diseases.
Stella Pharmaceutical currently markets dozens of products developed in-house or by strategic acquisition after careful evaluation.

Our Team

Our dynamic team include a Medical Director, pharmacists, nutritionists, and business professionals – all constantly working together to identify healthcare needs and translate them into helpful products for our customers. Throughout the decades, Stella Pharmaceutical has grown and succeeded on a strong foundation of honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. We value the relationships we have with our employees, suppliers, partners, and customers, and believe that each one plays an integral role in the success of our company.

Our History

Our family business started in the early 1920s, when a talented New York pharmacist decided to expand his professional training by studying dentistry and pursuing research into dental and over-the-counter healthcare products. Drawing from his pharmaceutical training, he formulated a number of commercially available products to satisfy the healthcare needs of the day. Since then, the family has made it their mission to develop and provide healthcare products that promote healthier lifestyles.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

In 1995, Stella Pharmaceutical acquired Dr. A. W. Chase Medicine Company, whose line of herbal remedies were popular since the early 1900s in Canada and throughout the Caribbean. In 1996, Nutribar was acquired from Searle Canada Inc., and in 1997, the popular Caribbean brand Tisane des Chartreux de Durbon was acquired from Sanofi Pharma S.A.
Stella Pharmaceutical draws on its many decades of expertise in healthcare to assist in the commercialization of new quality products.

Mission Statement

To empower our consumers with high-quality products, information, and resources that improve quality of life and wellbeing.

Dr. Kings