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"Life is a series of related health choices."

From nutritional products that fit your busy lifestyle to pain relievers that allow you to keep active, at Stella, we are committed to developing superior products to improve your quality of life. The diversity of our product line is reflected in the range of experts who develop them, from pharmacists to nutritionists to physicians. We create products with your health in mind.

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Chase K&L Pills

A proven laxative remedy for fast relief from bladder and urinary tract irritation and resultant backache.

Chase Nerve and Blood Tonic (tablets and liquid)

Iron supplements to carry life-giving oxygen to and build red blood cells to increase energy, endurance and stamina.

Chase Nerve Food

B vitamins and minerals to help fight anemia and insomnia and improve alertness and memory.

Dr. King’s Sulphur Bitters

A mild milk laxative to ensure regularity and improve appetite.

Tisane de Durbon

A delicious tea made from concentrated plant extracts to be taken daily as a preventive measure to help improve fitness and strength.