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Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc. is a leader in over-the-counter, customer-focused health products, spanning three generations in the pharmaceutical industry that originated in New York more than 80 years ago.

Our commitment to delivering superior products that help provide an improved quality of life is the foundation of our corporate heritage and philosophy. We take great pride in the many brands we produce and feel privileged to empower our customers with products and information that make a positive impact towards their health and wellbeing.

Health News

  1. Trans Fats - Food's Latest Villain

    Health Canada recommends that all Canadians reduce the total amount of fat they consume, particularly saturated and trans fats. Read more...Read More
  2. BMI vs. Waist-Hip Ratio

    For a while now, there has been much talk about obesity. The rise in obesity and its associated health risks is one of the fastest growing concerns that affect everyone in every stage of life. But what is obesity? What does it mean to be obese, or overweight? What is the difference? Read more...Read More